Workers from Poland, Lithuania and other new EU countries. FAQ

Is it possible to meet my potential employees before they start working for me?

If level of English language is an issue then we propose interviewing the candidates by telephone as the most cost effective solution. We can organise telephone interviews for you. If you wish to meet your potential employees, then we can arrange interviews for you in new EU countries. Travel and accommodation arrangements would be at your expense.

What about workers certificates compliance?

Certificates, titles and diplomas gained in Eastern Europe are in most cases equivalent to their British counterparts because the education system is quite similar.

Can the workers speak English?

It is very important that you specify the required level of English at the beginning of the recruitment process. In some Eastern European countries knowledge of English is not common but that is changing fast. Generally, the younger generation has a much higher level of English. In some professions, a good knowledge of English is very rare, but it does not exclude high quality of work and professionalism. We suggest organising teams, where a worker who has better knowledge of English accompanies those who don’t speak the language very well... The English-speaking employee would not only work as a translator but would also be the foreman of the group. This does not increase the cost to the employer. GLOBAL CHOICES can organise such teams and you can be sure that communication will not be a problem.

What can I do if the workers are not suitable?

If for any reason the employee is not suitable for work then we have a full refund policy. We offer advice and support throughout the employment process to both parties if issues arise. Different payment and employee management schemes also could be arranged.

Where the workers will live?

GLOBAL CHOICES will not supply workers in the UK if no accommodation is arranged. We can help with looking for accommodation in particular areas. Providing accommodation makes the process faster and easier. In many cases we provide accommodation in fully furnished houses anywhere in the UK.

How much should I pay?

By law, you should pay your new employees the same as you would pay a British person doing the same job. Generally, the expectations of Polish, Slovak or Lithuanian workers are reasonable, especially in relation to the quality and quantity of work performed.

How much will it cost me?

GLOBAL CHOICES provides you with two payment options:

Introduction fee one off payment:

The client pays a "one-off" payment to GLOBAL CHOICES. The employee is placed on a 1-month probation period. During that time, if the client is not satisfied with the worker(s), GLOBAL CHOICES will provide a pro rata refund of the fee based on the time worked or we will replace this employee. To find out more about our refund schedule please contact us for more details.

Employment Business:

All the candidates are employed by GLOBAL CHOICES and delegated to work for the client. By using this option the client avoids the overheads in operating a payroll, making NI contributions and PAYE payments. All these responsibilities are taken on by GLOBAL CHOICES who periodically (once a week) submit an invoice for the labour provided. We can offer you competitive rates for work provided.

Will the workers need a work permit? Are there any legal issues?

Since 1 May, 2004, workers from new members of the European Union don’t require work permits. All workers need to register with the Home Office. GLOBAL CHOICES can assist workers in the process of registration as well as other formality, related to opening a bank account, obtaining a National Insurance number etc. The other option is to let them work as self-employed and under CIS.

What is the recruitment procedure?

  1. You have to fill our order form – which can be emailed, posted, or faxed to you or you can download it from our website. You should specify what qualification and skills workers should possess, and what the general conditions of the contract are.
  2. Terms and Conditions must be signed. There are no obligations arising by signing the Terms and Conditions, except the obligation to use our mediation service if you decide to hire people presented to you.
  3. GLOBAL CHOICES send you CVs of all the candidates we believe are suitable for the job and meet all of your requirements. Any candidate you show an interest in, will be scanned and all the references will be checked. A police check can be arranged on your request. GLOBAL CHOICES can apply for criminal check on behalf of the employer. We are registered company with Disclosure Scotland.
  4. After you have chosen the candidates you want to hire, we sign a contract and send you an invoice in one week after employment started.

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